General Tour: A Merchant’s Home

Good to know

Group size:

max 20 persons

Length of the tour:

30 or 60 min


40 € or 60 €
The tour of the Holm House, built in 1763, introduces you to the home and life of a wealthy merchant in Porvoo towards the end of the 1700s. The house contains a salon, a drawing room, the master’s study, a bedroom and a kitchen parlour, all with furniture and art from the end of the 1700s.


The calendar shows the available times for group visits. Groups are received primarily while the museum is open. A separate fee for opening the museum is charged for visits outside of opening hours.

You can use the attached form to make an initial reservation for your group. You will receive confirmation of your reservation as soon as possible.

You can also book your visit by emailing or by calling 040 838 0556 (mon-fri 9-16) or 0400 407 475 (sat-sun 12-16).

School and day-care groups should contact the museum lectors directly.


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