Information For Donors

Porvoo Museum’s collections have grown mainly through donations. The collecting happens according to the collection policy program, which defines whether a donation can be accepted into the museum’s collection.


You can offer the museum one or several objects, photographs, natural history specimens or other materials. The information related to the donation is extremely important to the museum. Knowing the history of how the object was made and used, identifying the people and places in photographs, and recording the time and place the natural history specimen was collected all increase the value of the donation from the point of view of the museum.

 The donor gives the museum full rights of ownership, usage, and possession, without compensation. The donor must have the legal right to make the donation.

Before donating an object, do not attempt to fix, wash or in any way alter the object to be donated.

Donation must always be arranged ahead of time with the staff in the museum’s office. Donations are not acceted in the locations of the exhibitions.

Please keep in mind that according to The Act of Antiquities any object over a hundred years old that is found in land or water are protected and belong to the state, and they must be reported to the Finnish National Board of Antiquities. The protection of all relics begins immediately when they are discovered.