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Porvoo Museum


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WED-SUN 12–16


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Office: 040 838 0556
Exhibition: 040 040 7475

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Services for groups

You can visit the museum as part of a larger group. Explore the services offered to gorups.

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Expert services

The experts of the museum can be reached by phone, online and in person. Explore the expert services.

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Services by the museum with regional responsibility

Porvoo Museum as the museum with regional resposibility for Eastern Uusimaa offers expert services on regional cultural heritage, cultural environment and matters related to local museums. Explore the services.

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Museum shop

Take the memories of the museum with you from the museum shop. Explore the produts.

About Us


Porvoo Museum

Porvoo Museum is one of the oldest museums in Finland. Founded in 1896 the museum has been maintained by the association Porvoon museoyhdistys ry from the beginning. The museum fosters, Museo vaalii, maintains, researches and conveys material and immaterial cultural and natural heritage of Porvoo and Eastern Uusimaa.

Museum with Regional Responsibility in Eastern Uusimaa

Aluevastuu etusivu

Porvoo Museum is the museum with regional responsibility in Eastern Uusimaa. The museum has two tasks. The cultural environment task includes work among built cultural environment and archeological cultural environment. The task of promoting regional museum operations is done together with the 38 local museums in the region. The area of operations is Askola, Lapinjärvi, Loviisa, Myrskylä, Pukkila, Pornainen, Porvoo and Sipoo.