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The Early Stages

The conversation about founding a museum in Porvoo began in the end of the 1800s. By then there were already some museums operating in Finland. The first museum was opened in Raahe in the 1860s. In Porvoo the cause of the museum was sped along by the city’s decision to tear down or sell the unnecessary and derelict town hall building. The desire to protect and maintain the building in use stimulated conversation, which resulted in the city relinquished the building to the to-be founded museum association. The founding meeting of the association was held in 29.5.1896 and renovations began. Simultaneously the association announced a collection of objects, which laid the foundation for the museum’s collection activities. The museum was opened to the public in January 1897.

The association Borgå museiförening is still the owner of the Porvoo Museum and is responsible for its collection and operations. The collaboration between the city of Porvoo has become tight over the decades. The museum operates in the buildings owned by the city and of the members of the association’s board, two are appointed by the Porvoo city government. According to the contract Porvoo Museum produces the museum services needed by the city and the city sustains the museum financially. Porvoo Museum is also responsible for the care of the collections at J. L. Runeberg’s Home Museum, Walter Runeberg’s sculpture collection and the art collection of the city of Porvoo.

The purpose of the Borgå museiförening is to maintain a museum that is open to the public. Through purchasing objects and accepting donations the museum collects and preserves, cares for, researches, communicates about, and exhibits art and tangible cultural heritage from Porvoo region and Eastern Uusimaa. The museum is funded by the government and operates as the museum with regional responsibility in Eastern Uusimaa. The museum also engages in other museum and exhibition activites.

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Borgå museiförening rf welcomes everyone interested in the cultural heritage of the Porvoo region. Membership includes free entrance to Porvoo Museum, invitation to the openings of new exhibitions and special guided tours, as well as a 20% discount from the products of the museum shop. 

The association accepts donations and bequests

The annual membership fee is 25 € and permanent membership is 250 €. 

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