Visiting With The Family

The museum is a great place to spend time together with the family. You can explore the exhibitions together, talking and wondering about what you see. It is okay if the adults can’t answer all of he children’s questions. You can ponder it together or ask the staff. The exhibitions in Porvoo Museum are suitable for all ages and you can ask the staff for specifics about the content of the exhibitions.

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Activities For Children

In the Old Town Hall you can play bingo, which will test your perception: can you find all of the objects in the grid from the museum exhibitions? And who will be the first to hve a bingo?

You can become closely acquainted with the couple who lived in the Holm House by colouring in your own versions of the portraits of Johan Holm and Lovisa Lagus. On the first floor of the Holm House there is a workshop room (part of the year the space is used for exhibitions). 

You can prepare to visit the exhibition upstairs by filling out a madlibs-like worksheet, which will result in your very own guided tour of the exhibition. But hang on, what kind of a family lived in this house in the past?

Worth Noting

The museum cannot be explored with a baby carriage or a stroller, as both buildings are from the 1700s and the thresholds are at times very high and there are no elevators. Baby carriages and strollers can be left in the lobby of Holm House for the duration of the museum visit. 

The public toilets are in the basement level of the Holm House. You enter them by going dwn quite a narrow curving stairwell. Children might find the toilet frightening. There are no special facilities for changing of diapers in the toilets.

It is not permitted to take food or drinks into the exhibitions. There are no suitable places for eating snacks in the museum. 

Why isn’t it allowed to touch anything in the museum?

There are two reasons. Firstly, historical objects can contain substances that are not safe to touch. Secondly, touching can damage the museum objects. Human hands contain oils which can cause permanent marks or damage to irreplaceable objects. Objects also get worn out from touching. The museumäs job is to preserve the objects for the future and that is why they are treated differently than ordinary objects.

Do you have to be quiet in the museum?

It is not necessary to be quiet in the museum, but it is a good idea to take other visitors into account.