Christmas in Porvoo Museum


Christmas in a Merchant’s Home

23.11.2022 – 15.1.2023 The Holm House

This year Christmas in Porvoo Museum takes us to the 18th century to visit the merchant family Holm. The Christmas additions in the permanent exhibition of the Holm House tells how people prepared for Christmas and celebrated Christmas. The dinner table in the salon is full of delicacies and the table is set with a green-rimmed Rörstrand-crockery bought in Stockholm. The candles that bring a lovely mood are not the ordinary tallow candles but luxurious wax candles. On the side table is set as a liquor table, an important part of all feasts, where people could pick up drinks and snacks to whet the appetites.

In the other rooms of the exhibition there are other Christmas traditions, such as presents. In the 18th century gift-giving was still a new Christmas tradition. Christmas presents weren’t given by a Santa Claus with reindeer, instead they were thrown suddenly in through the door or brought in by a person in a disguise. The presents have clever, rhyming verses on them that can reveal what’s inside and who the gift is from. In the 1700s Christmas was also a spiritual festival of goodwill. In the kitchen there are bread and candles for the poor.

Guided tours on Sundays in Finnish and Swedish.