Helga Sonck-Majewski – Weave of Nature


8.4.2022 – 16.4.2023 The Old Town Hall

The artist Helga Sonck-Majewski (1916-2015) moved to Porvoo in 1943. She was an unforgettable character, and the essence of her art is an all-embracing love of nature.

She first worked as a pharmacist at a local pharmacy in Porvoo, but she found the idea of being an artist more appealing, so during 1950–1953 she studied at the Finnish Art Academy school. Helga Sonck-Majewski held her first exhibition at Porvoo museum in 1956. For several decades the artist was one of the central figures in the artistic life of Porvoo and she was even involved in founding the Porvoo Art Association in 1966.

The focus of the exhibition is on paintings of flowers and portraits, such as the colourful portrait of her relative Carl Eric Sonck from 1965.

The works on display are from the collection donated to Porvoo museum in 2018 by the artist Viggo Wallensköld and the exhibition is part of Porvoo Museums exhibition program for its jubilee 2022.