Unelmien puutarha – Fredrika Runebergin kukkiva keidas ja hyötytarha (Finnish)

Drömmarnas lustgård – Fredrika Runebergs blomstrande oas och nyttoträdgård (Swedish) Fredrika Runeberg (1807–1879 ) could speak the language of flowers. Through these pages the reader gets a glimpse at the personal paradise of the national poet’s wife, a world filled with beauty and scents. The book includes different points of view to the topic as well as impressive illustrations. The photographer Maarit Lehto has captured beautiful images of the plants in different lighting conditions and moods. The authors are Anna Paulina Eklöf, Aaja Peura and David Stokes as well as the editor of the book Susanna Widjeskog. Publications by Porvoon museoyhdistys no 10; 114 pages.


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