A touring exhibition about animals of eastern Uusimaa

Hjalmar Lindfors

Porvoo Museum’s series of touring exhibitions about animals of eastern Uusimaa – first in the spotlight is cow

Porvoo Museum – Museum with regional responsibility produces a series of touring exhibitions about animals that have been important in the region. The exhibition spotlights animals that have enabled life on eastern Uusimaa. Exhibition, which is aimed at chilldren and young people, is also of interest to adults. The series is realised in five parts during 2023–2026 and the first installment focuses on the cow.

The touring exhibition makes the expertise and services of the museums available for everyone. Exhibitions that are produced in collaboration with local museums from the region can be reserved from Porvoo Museum and the exhibitions can be displayed even in a smaller space. The exhibition about cows is produced in collaboration with the local heritage association in Sipoo. Beginning in 1.3.2023 the exhibition can be reserved  for two months at a time.

”The idea behind the touring exhibitions is to bring exhibitions to places that haven’t necessarily seen regional museum exhibitions in the past. For example libraries, youth centers and community meeting halls are excellent locations for the touring exhibitions. The collaboration between Porvoo Museum and the local museums brings an additional eastern Uusimaa dimension and depth to the interesting animal themes. Some might be less familiar with farm animals while others could be very familiar with them. An exhibition that is easy to set up can be enriched with photographs or other materials. We can give tips how to do it,” says cultural heritage researcher Mai Joutselainen, who produced the exhibition.

Porvoo Museum acts as the museum with regional responsibility in Eastern Uusimaa and the touring exhibitions are part of the work of promoting regional museum operations.


Eino Nurmi