Art Collections


The Porvoo Museum art collection has its emphasis on art made by artists who worked or still work in Porvoo or the near-by areas and art depicting the area. The Albert Edelfelt and Ville Vallgren collection are the most central. The collection of works by Frans Nyberg is also notable. It contains drawings, prints and paintings. The art collection also contains works by Nils Schillmark, Johan Knutson, Hanna Frosterus-Segerstråle, Valle Rosenberg and Ragnar Ekelund. In 2018 the  Wallensköld and Sonck-Majewski donation was added to the collection, containing over 600 works. Porvoo Museum also has a significant collection of works by Åke Hellman. 

The collection and display of visual art has been part of Porvoo museum’s operation from the beginning. The first art exhibition was held already in 1902 under the title Art Historical Gallery. It included mostly copies of works by European masters in art history. The sculptor Ville Vallgren donated a large collection of works in the 1920s which was displayed in the Holm House as the Vallgren Museum. From 1930s onwards Albert Edelfelt has been a significant part of the museum’s art collection. Works by Edelfelt are exhibited in the Old Town Hall. The museum’s art collection houses over 4000 works. Artists from Porvoo are the core of the collection.

Porvoo Museum’s object collections also contain tools that belonged to different artists.

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Ville Vallgren

In the 1920s the sculptor Ville Vallgren donated his works and tools to the Porvoo Museum. In total there are 230 items: works, sculptures, statuettes and objects, as well as furnishings from the artist’s studio in Leppävaara.

Johan Knutson

The Porvoo Museum collections include paintings, drawings and prints by Johan Knutson, as well as several works that relate to the national poet J. L. Runeberg.

Helga Sonck-Majewski

The collection contains paintings of flowers and portraits, but among Sonck-Majewski’s works there are also prints, such as woodcuts with views of the Old Town in Porvoo.


Hanna Frosterus-Segerstråle

The Porvoo Museum’s collections contain paintings, drawings and sketches by Frosterus-Segerstråle, donated to the museum by the artist’s relatives in 2009.


Albert Edelfelt

The collection includes paintings, sketches and prints by the artist, as well as tools and personal items. The museum’s object collections include objects that belonged to the artist and his family.