Collections of the J. L. Runeberg’s Home Museum

J. L. Runeberg’s Home Museum is the oldest home museum in Finland. The national poet died in 1877. The ownership of the home was transferred to the state, and it was made into a museum a few years after his spouse Fredrika Runeberg died, after which it was opened to the public in 1882.

The collection contains objects that belonged to the family, artworks such as paintings by Marcus Larson and sculptures by their son Walter Runeberg. Photographs, books, and an archive are also included in the collection. Most of the objects are on display in the interiors of the museum, including furniture in the Biedermeier style, kitchenwares, and textiles, as well as artworks.  

Porvoo Museum takes care of the research, collections, and exhibition activities of the home museum. The City of Porvoo takes care of the opening hours and audience work. 

The Finnish state owns the property as well as the collection. The Society of Swedish Literature in Finland is in charge of taking care of the archive.

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