The Yrjö A. Jäntti Art Collection

Yrjö A. Jäntti was born in Porvoo in 1905. He studied history of literature, art history and economics. During the years 1926–1968 he worked for the publishing company WSOY, fro the year 1952 onwards as the executive director. He made several educational trips to the United States and different countries in Europe to explore the publishing industry.

Jäntti watched the Finnish culture and art scene and started his own art collection. He acquired his first pieces towards the end of the 1920s, but it was once he retired in 1969 that he was able to focus more on his art collection. He wanted to make his collection available to the public which is why he donated the collection to the City of Porvoo a year before his death in 1985.

The collection consists of Finnish art from the end of the 1800s until the 1980s. Among the over one thousand artworks there are, among others, paintings by A. W. Finch and Juhani Linnovaara, prints by Tuula Lehtinen, Lauri Ahlgren, Kimmo Kaivanto, and sculptures by Raimo Utriainen, Tapio Junno, Kaija-Riitta Iivonen, as well as drawings and medals.

The Yrjö A. Jäntti Art Collection is owned by the City of Porvoo.

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