Albert Edelfelt

Albert Edelfelt (1854–1905) is one of the most significant Finnish painters. Born in the Kiiala manor, Edelfelt demonstrated artistic inclinations early in his life. When he was 17 years old he was able to travel to Amsterdam with the help of a grant to study history painting. After a successful year of studies, he moved to France to attend the École des Beaux-Arts. In Paris Edelfelt established himself as a portrait painter. He married in 1888 and the family settled in Finland. But during the winters Edelfelt continued his artistic work in Paris. 

In 1879 the Edelfelt family had rented a villa near the manor in Haiko vuonna 1879. Every spring Edelfelt looked forward to moving to Haiko, where the beautiful landscape and the light of the summer as well as the coastal inhabitants inspired him. He thought he painted best there. It is indeed in Haiko where many of his definitive works, such as Conveying the Child’s Coffin, were painted. This painting resulted him in being the first Finnish person to be awarded the golden medal in the Paris Salon, in 1880.

In 1934 the artist’s sisters, Annie and Berta Edelfelt bequeathed the museum a donation that became the core of the Edelfelt collection. The collection includes paintings, sketches and prints by the artist, as well as tools and personal items. The museum’s object collections include objects that belonged to the artist and his family.

Albert Edelfelt is one of Porvoo Museum’s national area of collections responsibility in the collection collaboration network between museums (TAKO).

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