Ville Vallgren

In the 1920s the sculptor Ville Vallgren donated his works and tools to the Porvoo Museum. Additional items have been included in the collection later. In total there are 230 items: works, sculptures, statuettes and objects, as well as furnishings from the artist’s studio in Leppävaara.

The Porvoo-raised sculptor Ville Vallgren (1855–1940) started his studies in architecture in Helsinki at age 15, but pivoted to sculpture in Paris in 1877. While there he encountered the newest trends in the world of art. Years later he returned to Finland, to Leppävaara where he lived and worked.

Various female figures from Madonnas to dancers were Vallgren’s favourite topics to sculpt. Even strong emotions, such as joy and grief, were important to him. Even religious topics and tomb markers are important among Vallgren’s ouvre.

Ville Vallgren is one of Porvoo Museum’s national area of collections responsibility in the collection collaboration network between museums (TAKO).

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