Land Use Projects


If you are planning a land use project that takes place on or near the area of a relic or, contact the archeologist of the museum with regional responsibility immediately. The project may necessitate investigations and/or the application for authorization to tamper, or it might simply not be possible. Proceedings and possible investigations take time, which needs to be accounted for in the timetabling of the project.

The test excavation group of the Finnish Heritage Agency can perform the archeological investigations for the small construction and work projects of private landowners, with the state bearing the cost of the investigation. The archeologist of the museum with regional responsibility contracts the test excavation group. The group receives contracts from all over Finland, so it is important to contract it well in advance of the progress of the land use project.

Responsibilities of the Finnish Heritage Agency

When it comes to archeological cultural heritage, the Finnish Heritage Agency grants investigation permits and authorisations to tamper as well as issues statements on projects of national scale and specific cases.