Regional Museum Work

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Cultural heritage in Eastern Uusimaa imade up of the environment, buildings, and objects, as well as local customs and stories. The cultural heritage is all around us and many different ja many different people and groups are involved in taking care of it. As the museum with regional responsibility in Eastern Uusimaa, Porvoo Museum operates as an expert on cultural heritage by guiding and advising local museums, organizing events and touring exhibitions for local residents. The museum can also advice on work around intangible cultural heritage.

Guidance for local museums can handle restoring or repairing museum buildings, planning exhibitions, cataloguing and caring for collections as well as matters related to management, funding and grants. The museum with regional responsibility also oversees the use of project grants given by the Finnish Heritage Agency. 

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The museum with regional responsibility promotes collaboration between museums by organizing annual museum days, meetings and training events together with the Partnership Group for Museums in Eastern Uusimaa, Finnish Heritage Agency and other museums with regional responsibilities in Uusimaa.

Cultural heritage researcher

Mai Joutselainen
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