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A relic is a structure made by ancient human activity, found in the ground or under the water. 

Currently over 800 stationary relics have been identified in Eastern Uusimaa. There are 442 possible relics and 230 cultural heritage sites. There are a bit over 550 stray find destinations. New locations are discovered continually. Up-to-date information on all the relics of the region can be accessed on the national relic registry of the Finnish Heritage Agency: 

In the service you can choose “Arkeologiset kohteet” and filter the results by location or other categories. Alternatively you can use the map view (“Siirry kartalle”) on the top of the page and view different objects from the menu on the left (“Karttatasot” toggles on and off the different layers of the map, such as archeological objects, cultural heritage sites, etc). 

Relics are automatically protected by law. The Antiquities Act (295/63) demands that all stationary relics are taken into consideration in all planning of land use.


Maintenance of relics necessitates a separate permit. It is also possible to apply a grant to fund the maintenance.

More information about grants