Restoration and advice


The restoration expert issues statements on applications for demolition and construction permits and gives guidance on the restoration that properly preserves the cultural historical attributes of old buildings in the Eastern Uusimaa region. The restoration expert also advices about restoration grants meant for the care of the built heritage, and collaborates closely with the Finnish Heritage Agency and the Uusimaa Centre For Economic Development (ELY-Centre) on the handling of grants and by being responsible for the supervision of the grant destinations.

The goal of preserving renovations is the keep the cultural historical values and attributes of the building intact, only renewing that which is necessary. The restoration or renovation of an old building should always be done with respect to the structure of the house. Restoration of old buildings is different from current construction techniques in both materials and working methods. Therefore restoration requires expertise and careful planning that aim to make sustainable decisions, so that the historical value and usability of the building remain.


Every year the Finnish Heritage Agency and the ELY-Centre offer grants for the renovations of old buildings, structures, groups of buildings or built areas with traditional methods. The purpose of the grants is to preserve valuable old building stock and to support the preservation of traditional working methods of building restoration. Building owners can apply for the grants. 

Every year the Finnish Local Heritage Federation offers grants for renovations of community centers. The purpose of the grant is to preserve valuable built heritage, support preservative renovation, and to enable changes that improve usability.

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Responsibilities of the Finnish Heritage Agency

The Finnish Heritage Agency is responsible for the matters related to upkeep and renovation of buildings owned by the national government, university buildings, legally protected buildings, and ecclesiastical built heritage.

Restoration expert

Annika korhonen
tel: 040-5807 812