Partnership Group for Museums in Eastern Uusimaa


The Museums in Easter Uusimaa -alliance promotes collaboration between local museums in the region. It is directed by Porvoo Museum’s cultural heritage researcher together with the partnership group, with a membership selected annually from everyone involved in the local museums.

Lifting up cultural heritage from Eastern Uusimaa and supporting the local museums is the central task of the partnership group. Together with Porvoo Museum the group organizes training and events for the museums in the region, as well as helps increase the local museum’s visibility with publicity.

The close collaboration between Porvoo Museum and the local museums became even closer in 2000 when the project Museum – Business Card of the City was started. The project resulted in the publication of a children’s book in Finnish and Swedish, trainings and trips, as well as increase in the visibility of local museums with newspaper articles and a website. The project ended in 2019, but the current partnership groups is based on the model of collaboration developed during the project.

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