The Built Cultural Environment and Landscape

Rakennettu_kultymp_ja_maisema_2012 HW

As an expert on the built cultural environment the building researcher issues statements on plans about land use, construction and projects that alter the landscape. The building researcher participates in negotiations with the authorities, gives guidance on matters of cultural environment, and develops and promotes fostering of the cultural environment as well as recording and making available digital information about the cultural environment. The museum directs surveys of structures in the Eastern Uusimaa and investigations on the cultural environment and building history, the information from which is gathered and stored centralized in a digital form in the program MIP.

The building researcher responds to inquiries and gives advice on matters related to the built heritage of the region. In the museum’s archive there is photographic material of the regional cultural environment of Eastern Uusimaa.

Building researcher & team leader

Kirsi Toivonen
tel: 040 5807 627